3D Augmented Reality :: September 20, 2011
The article describes an approach of making 3D augmented reality based on glyph recognition.

3D Pose Estimation :: July 26, 2011
The article describes application of POSIT algorithm for object's 3D pose estimation.

Glyphs' recognition :: November 5, 2010
The article describes glyphs' recognition algorithm and its application in 2D augmented reality.

Detecting some simple shapes in images :: June 30, 2010
The article describes how to detect/check some simple shapes like circles, quadrilaterals, triangles, rectangles, etc.

Building a remote controlled WALL-E robot :: March 22, 2010
The article describes hobby building of WALL-E robot and writing application for its remote control.

Starting with Surveyor's Stereo Vision System board :: November 23, 2009
The article gives introduction to Surveyor's Stereo Vision (SVS) board aimed for robotics applications. It provides also information on how to start writing C# applications to control the board remotely.

Hobby built car-like robot :: June 30, 2009
The article discusses building car-like robot, which is based on Qwerk robotics board and set of other electronics/hardware.

Thieves Hunter :: June 9, 2009
The article is about real story of applying motion detection to thousands of video records in the aim of finding thieves.

Fuzzy Computing: Basic Concepts :: May 22, 2009
This article describes the main concepts of the Fuzzy Computing Theory and presents an application sample using Fuzzy classes of the AForge.NET framework.

Making a step to stereo vision :: January 17, 2009
The article discusses building pan-tilt platform with 2 web cameras, which is aimed to allow experimenting with some stereo vision applications.

Starting with Qwerk robotics aimed board :: December 4, 2008
The article gives introduction into Linux based Qwerk board used to control quite sophisticated robots. Also it provides information on how to start programming Qwerk using C#.

Lego Pan Tilt Camera and Objects Tracking :: November 19, 2008
Turning regular USB web camera into pant tilt camera using Lego Mindstorms robotics kit and tracking simple objects.

Driving Lego Mindstorms Bot :: October 30, 2008
The article provides introduction to manipulation with Lego Mindstorms using AForge.NET.

Hands Gesture Recognition :: October 12, 2008
Some ideas about Hands Gesture Recognition in still images and video feeds.