Image Processing Lab
2.8.0 version is available!

All parameterized image processing filters provide a preview window, which allows to see effect of changed parameters on the fly. The preview area can be dragged with a mouse, so entire image's area may be inspected.
Level linear

Colored grid is very helpful for creating custom convolution filters. It dynamically changes its coloring, allowing user to easily distinguish different coefficients of convolution kernel.
Custom convolution

In addition to standard morphological operators using standard structuring elements, the tool provides ability to define custom structuring elements for any morphological operator. All changes can be immediately previewed and colored grid makes it easer to define structuring element.
Morphology operators

For each opened image the tool provides histogram of its color channels, which gives quick information about average color values, minimum/maximum values, percentage, etc.
Image histogram

In additional to histogram the tools provides also statistics of color distribution for each image. The statistics is available not only for RGB color space, but also for such color spaces like HSL and YCbCr.
Image statistics

Using many different provided routines it is possible to perform as different image processing tasks, as create different type of nice looking effects.
Main window