Image Processing Lab
2.8.0 version is available!

Image Processing Lab 2.8.0 Release Notes


Version updates and fixes:

  • Fixed registered issues/requests:
    • Issue 1: Cropped images are saved at screen resolution instead of image resolution;
    • Issue 6: Preview Window does not work with parameterized two source filters;
    • Issue 9: Support Bradley Local Binarization in IPLab;
    • Issue 11: Patch - Drag and Drop and Zooming;
    • Issue 12: Bug in AdaptiveSmoothForm.cs
  • Updated solution files to VS.NET 2010.
  • Updated AForge.NET framework's assemblies to the latest 2.2.4 version.
  • Corrected Adaptive Smoothing form so it initializes track bar correctly.
  • Removed local version of HuePicker control and used the one from AForge.Controls.dll instead.
  • Added Bradley Local Binarazation filter into thresholding menu.
  • Added Holes Filling filter to the application.
  • Added Bilateral smoothing filter to the application.
  • Added Bayer filter to the application.
  • Added Transform To/From Polar coordinates image processing filter to the application.
  • Added Horizontal/Vertical run length smoothing algorithm to the application.
  • Added Apply Mask filter to the application.
  • Added drag-n-drop support of image files into the application. User can simply drag some item into application's window and drop them there to open.
  • Added support of mouse wheel. If user holds CTRL key and rotates mouse wheel, then image zoomed in/out.
  • When filter fails for some reasons, the error message will report message provided with exception.
  • Two source filters like Add, Subtract, Intersect and Merge now require same size overlay image.
  • Fixed preview control, so it provides correct preview for 2 source filter (those which require overlay image).
  • Added configuration/preview form for Move Towards filter.
  • Saving settings files into IPLab sub-folder of Local Application Data folder instead of writing right into it.

See release notes of 2.7.0 version to get information about changes in the previous version.