Image Processing Lab
2.8.0 version is available!

Image Processing Lab is an image processing application written in C#, which includes different filters and tools available in AForge.NET framework to analyze images.

Image Processing Lab

The following filters are available in the IPLab application:

  • Color filters (grayscale, sepia, invert, rotate, channel extraction, channel replacing, channel filtering, color filtering, Euclidean color filtering);
  • HSL filters (linear correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue modifier, HSL filtering);
  • YCbCr filters (linear correction, YCbCr filtering, channel extraction/replacement);
  • Binarization filters (threshold, threshold with carry, ordered dithering, Bayer dithering, Floyd-Steinberg, Burkes, Jarvis-Judice-Ninke, Sierra, Stevenson-Arce, Stucki dithering methods);
  • Automatic binarization (simple image statistics, Otsu);
  • Mathematical morphology filters (erosion, dilatation, opening, closing, hit-and-miss, thinning, thickening);
  • Convolution filters (mean, blur, sharpen, edges, Gaussian);
  • 2 Source filters (merge, intersect, add, subtract, difference, move towards, morph, stereo anaglyphs);
  • Edge detectors (homogeneity, difference, sobel, canny);
  • Corners' detectors (SUSAN, Moravec);
  • Blobs' filterng, Largest blob extractor, Blob counter, Connected components labeling;
  • Pixellate, Simple skeletonization, Jitter, Shrink, Oil painting, Simple posterization;
  • Levels linear filter, gamma correction, contrast stretch, histogram equalization;
  • Median filter, Adaptive smoothing, Conservative smoothing;
  • Resize and Rotate;
  • Texture generators based on Perlin noise;
  • Texture filters (texturer, textured filtering, textured merging);
  • Fourier transformation (low-pass and hi-pass filters);
  • Document skew correction;
  • etc.

It is possible to create (save and load) your own convolution filters or filters based on standard mathematical morphology operators. Colorized grid makes it very convenient to work with custom convolution filters.

A preview window allows to view results of changing filters' parameters on the fly. It is possible to scroll an image using mouse in preview area. All filters are applied only to the portion of image currently viewed to speed up preview.

A Photo Shop like histogram allows to get information about mean, standard deviation, median, minimum and maximum values.

The application allows to copy to or paste from clipboard, save and print images.

In the case you have found any bugs/issues, please, feel free to register them in the issues tracking system.