AForge.NET Framework 2.2.5 is now available

July 17, 2013         [ News Archive ]

Would like to make everybody aware of the new AForge.NET framework 2.2.5 release, which just became available for downloads. It took more than a year to get from the previous release into something new, but finally it was done.

The new release is mostly dedicated to some bug fixes in the AForge.Imaging component and some new features in the AForge.Video.DirectShow component (like better support of built-in cameras in Windows 8 platform and setting of some camera's properties).

Another reason for the release is the clarification in the AForge.NET Framework's license agreement. Most of the framework stays available under LGPL v3 license as it was before. However the AForge.Video.FFMPEG component is an exception - it is available under GPL v3 license, because it depends on the GPL build of the FFMPEG library. So be careful with it - if GPL is not good for your project, it is your responsibility to avoid using the AForge.Video.FFMPEG components.

For the list of all bug fixes and features, take a look at 2.2.5 release notes.

Visit downloads page to get a link to 2.2.5 version.

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