AForge.NET Framework 2.0.0 is now available

July 22, 2009         [ News Archive ]

It is pleasure to announce that AForge.NET Framework 2.0.0 final version was just released and now is available for everybody to try and test! It was a long long way from the last 1.7.0 version, but we really hope people will find all the work being done worth of it.

There were few reasons which caused the delay of 2.0 release, but the primary is the amount of work being done to make it available. Although the amount of new features may not look that huge, but still a lot of effort was put into complete review of all the existing code, refactoring of some major parts and improving documentation's amount and quality. We really hope future releases will not take that much time to wait, since for now we don't plan yet another such complete review and refactoring in many areas.

For the list of work which was done, we may take a look at 2.0.0 release notes and 2.0.0 BETA release notes .

All the documentation about the new version is available on-line! However, please, be patient for the updates on Features and Samples pages.

Visit downloads page to get a link to 2.0.0 version.

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