AForge.NET Framework
2.2.5 version is available!

Projects and applications using AForge.NET Framework

  • Cats Eyes Alarm Trigger by Spangenberger Sebastien. The Cats Eyes Alarms Trigger tool is a multi-camera motion detection tool.
  • HatchView from Digital Metrology Solutions.
  • Universe Sandbox - Interactive Astronomy Software for Everyone.
  • Accord.NET Framework by Cesar Roberto de Souza. Accord.NET Framework is a C# framework which extends the AForge.NET Framework with new tools and libraries.
  • iSpy by Sean Tearney. iSpy is a motion detection, sound detection, live streaming and notification software.
  • Kinovea by Joan Charmant. Kinovea is free and open source video anlalysis software for coaches, athletes and medical professionals.
  • Waterhobo - Ever Diligent Ever Watching by Tim Higgins.
  • Sentry Gun by Diederick Kavelaars. Sentry Gun is a project, which provides instructions and software to build your very own, fully automated and fully autonomous, sentry gun / turret / waterpistol / teddybear dispenser.
  • Sinapse - an opensource program for training neural networks to perform simple tasks, like function approximation, pattern recognition, classification and more.
  • Motion-activated TimeLapse Video Recorder by Igor Moochnick.
  • Rear View Mirror by Sumit Khanna.
  • Billboard substitution in soccer videos by Stephan Petzl.
  • NeurApp is an intuitive software for exploring approximation by artificial neural networks. Manual.

Of course the page does not provide complete list of projects, because there are a lot of them and it is hard to track them all. The framework is used a lot by students working on theirs bachelors and master degrees, researchers from different fields and companies doing commercial closed source products.

If you use AForge.NET framework in your project and it has a web page, you are more than welcome to let us know, so the projet could be listed here and people could take a look at this framework's applications.