Display property page of video crossbar (Analog Video Crossbar filter).

Namespace:  AForge.Video.DirectShow
Assembly:  AForge.Video.DirectShow (in AForge.Video.DirectShow.dll) Version: (


public void DisplayCrossbarPropertyPage(
	IntPtr parentWindow


Type: System..::.IntPtr
Handle of parent window.


The Analog Video Crossbar filter is modeled after a general switching matrix, with n inputs and m outputs. For example, a video card might have two external connectors: a coaxial connector for TV, and an S-video input. These would be represented as input pins on the filter. The displayed property page allows to configure the crossbar by selecting input of a video card to use.

Note:This method can be invoked only when video source is running (IsRunning is trueTruetruetrue (True in Visual Basic)). Otherwise it generates exception.

Use CheckIfCrossbarAvailable()()() method to check if running video source provides crossbar configuration.


System..::.ApplicationExceptionThe video source must be running in order to display crossbar property page.
System..::.NotSupportedExceptionCrossbar configuration is not supported by currently running video source.

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