The class provides continues access to XIMEA cameras.

Namespace:  AForge.Video.Ximea
Assembly:  AForge.Video.Ximea (in AForge.Video.Ximea.dll) Version: (


public class XimeaVideoSource : IVideoSource


The video source class is aimed to provide continues access to XIMEA camera, when images are continuosly acquired from camera and provided throw the NewFrame event. It just creates a background thread and gets new images from XIMEA camera keeping the specified time interval between image acquisition. Essentially it is a wrapper class around XimeaCamera providing IVideoSource interface.

Sample usage:

// create video source for the XIMEA camera with ID 0
XimeaVideoSource videoSource = new XimeaVideoSource( 0 );
// set event handlers
videoSource.NewFrame += new NewFrameEventHandler( video_NewFrame );
// start the video source
videoSource.Start( );
// set exposure time to 10 milliseconds
videoSource.SetParam( CameraParameter.Exposure, 10 * 1000 );
// ...
// New frame event handler, which is invoked on each new available video frame
private void video_NewFrame( object sender, NewFrameEventArgs eventArgs )
    // get new frame
    Bitmap bitmap = eventArgs.Frame;
    // process the frame

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