AForge.NET Framework celebrates its 5 years birthday

December 21, 2011         [ News Archive ]

5 years!

It is pleasure to announce that AForge.NET Framework project celebrates its 5 years anniversary!

The 5th year was quite fruitful for the project and brought quite a lot of new interesting and useful features. I hope the next year the project will continue to evolve brining more and more nice features expanding its usage to wider range of applications.

1st release
1st setup

Although the first version of the AForge.NET framework was released exactly 5 years ago on December 21st 2006, the roots of this project start somewhere in the beginning of 2005 when the first image processing code was released. Later that code became a starting point for the open source project as we see it now. It so happened that the first version of the framework did not have any installation package at all - now it is possible to find it only as a tag in Subversion. The first released version which had a setup package was the 1.2.0 version (March 15th, 2007), which we can still be found in downloads.

To see the progress of the project, let's have a look the difference between the 1.2.0 and the 2.2.3 version:

1.2.0 version 2.2.3 version
Release date: 15-03-2007 12-12-2011
Installation package size: 2.0 Mb 31.5 Mb
Documentation file size: 1.29 Mb 13.3 Mb
Number of source files (*.cs + *.cpp): 179 455
Size of source files (*.cs + *.cpp): 663.28 Kb 3.71 Mb
Number of sample applications: 15 37
Unit tests: 0 (zero) 467 (a bit)
NuGet packages: 0 (none) Available for some libraries
License: GPL LGPL

To support and encourage the project, you are welcome to bring some gifts.

I would like to thank all the people, who took part in project's life by contributing to it, supporting it, bringing different ideas and discussions, which constantly improves the project.

Andrew Kirillov

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