AForge.NET Framework 2.2.2 is now available

September 16, 2011         [ News Archive ]

Would like to make everybody aware of the new AForge.NET framework 2.2.2 release, which just became available for downloads. As it sometimes happens, major releases like 2.2.0 introduce a lot of new nice features ... and bugs as well. So this subsequent minor release is aimed mostly for increasing stability of the framework by fixing some of the recently introduced bugs.

Apart from bug fixing, this release also brings some minor features for different libraries of the project. It also introduces new Debugging Visualzers tool included into the framework, which is aimed to help in debugging of image processing and computer vision algorithms.

For the list of all bug fixes and features, take a look at 2.2.2 release notes.

Visit downloads page to get a link to 2.2.2 version.

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