GRATF 1.0.0 is now available

November 6, 2010         [ News Archive ]

Would like to announce that a new GRATF project was just released on the AForge.NET web site and is available for downloading!

GRATF stands for Glyph Recognition And Tracking Framework. The project is aimed to provide a library which does localization and recognition of optical glyphs in still images and video files. The library can be used in robotics applications for example, where glyphs may serve as commands or directions to robots. However, most popular application of optical glyph recognition is augmented reality.

The entire project is based on the AForge.NET framework, which provides set of image processing routines to it and access to video files and cameras.

Visit project's home page to check its features and see some available demos.

A newly created forum board is available for discussions related to the GRATF project.

Visit downloads page to get a link to 1.0.0 version.

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