AForge.NET Framework 2.0.1 is now available

September 19, 2009         [ News Archive ]

It is pleasure to announce that AForge.NET Framework 2.0.1 version was just released and now is available for everybody to try and test!

The new version of the framework is mostly dedicated to different type of bug fixes, some extensions of the existing classes and improvements to documentation to reveal some frequently asked questions. Some of the key features of the release are possibility to enumerate video formats supported by USB web cameras (and other local video sources) and possibility to get measurements from Lego NXT's Ultrasonic distance sensor. But, these are not the only features!

For the list of work which was done, we may take a look at 2.0.1 release notes.

All the documentation about the new version is available on-line!

Visit downloads page to get a link to 2.0.1 version.

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