AForge.NET Framework 2.0.0 BETA is now available

March 20, 2009         [ News Archive ]

It is pleasure to announce that AForge.NET Framework 2.0.0 BETA version was just released and now is available for everybody to try and test!

It was a long road from the last 1.7.0 version, but we believe it was worth of doing that since the new version is not just a set of new features, but it is a complete revision of all the existing code, which lead to different type of refactoring and extreme improvement to framework's documentation. Although it is not yet a final 2.0 release with all planned features, but the beta version represents tremendous amount of work being done and leaves very little to complete for final release.

From the things which are left to complete for final 2.0 version, we need to mention the AForge.Vision namespace, which is going to be completely refactored, and Mono support, which was always kept in mind and needs to be completed. We expect these to be done very soon, so the final release should not take long to wait.

For the list of work which was done, we may take a look at 2.0.0 BETA release notes ...

All the documentation about the new version is available on-line!

Visit downloads page to get a link to 2.0.0 BETA version.

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