AForge.NET Framework changes its license

March 20, 2009         [ News Archive ]

To make the AForge.NET Framework more available and broader its applications, the framework changes its licensing options. Now, instead of being GPL licensed, the framework is available under LGPL license! The new licensing note is available here.

What does it give to users? Now the framework may be used in any closed source applications (commercial and not) with the next restrictions only:

  • Closed source application is allowed to reference the framework libraries only, which means it should use original libraries as they are (including of source code into the project is not allowed);
  • In the case of changing some of the framework's sources, these changes should be opened (or become part of the framework);
  • Applications using the framework should have a note about using it. The note should be placed wherever the application shows its copyright information.
That is it - Enjoy LGPL!

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