AForge.NET Framework 2.0 version is in development

November 28, 2008         [ News Archive ]

It has passed a while since the moment 2.0 development branch was created - the branch which is aimed for development of AForge.NET Framework 2.0 version. Since the time a lot of work actually was already done, which makes release of the new version closer and closer with every code commit. However there is still pending work, which needs to be completed before the release could be made.

At this point it is not yet possible to plan 2.0 version release date, so it will be announced as soon as we come closer to it. The aim is to make a solid and quality release, with all the planned features available.

At this point no 2.0 beta builds are available and not yet planned. For the latest official build refer to the AForge.NET framework's downloads page. However, 2.0 development branch is open, so sources could be freely obtained. Note: before the official 2.0 release is made, all the sources from 2.0 branch are available under GPL license only.

For all the ideas, suggestions, collaborations, etc., please, refer to contacts page. The list of new features may be extended by your feedback, contribution, support ...

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