AForge.NET Framework
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AForge.NET Framework 2.2.0 Release Notes


Version updates and fixes:

  • Fixed registered issues/requests:
    • Issue 140: Proxy support for JPEGStream\MJPEGStream;
    • Issue 164: Converting an Image between Rectangular and Polar Coordinates;
    • Issue 176: Image Statistics (histogram) mask;
    • Issue 180: Mode function for Aforge.Math Statistics class;
    • Issue 184: using IPPrototyper plugins in other applications;
    • Issue 185: Equals method;
    • Issue 187: Fix grouping of video capabilities;
    • Issue 188: VideoCaptureDevice.DesiredFrameSize Behaves Inconsistently;
    • Issue 189: Point Grey camera support;
    • Issue 191: Add VLC support to MJPEGStream class;
    • Issue 192: File locked in AForge.Imaging.Formats.ImageDecoder.DecodeFromFile;
    • Issue 193: Lego NXT HiTechnic color and compass sensor;
    • Issue 194: Please provide type converters for NXTBrick internal structs;
    • Issue 195: Provide constructor with arguments allowing to initialize NXTBrick internal structs;
    • Issue 196: Provide a way to listen to raw protocol (NXT brick);
    • Issue 197: MJPEGStream.cs enhancements;
    • Issue 198: mjpegstream not stoping;
    • Issue 199: Conversion operators for IntRange and DoubleRange objects;
    • Issue 200: Add support for microsoft lifecam (and potentially other webcams) - directshow wrapper;
    • Issue 201: Consider merging HuePicker from IPLab into AForge.NET Framework;
    • Issue 207: Debugging issues in Horizontalintensitystatistics and verticalintensitystatistics;
    • Issue 209: VerticalIntensityStatics.cs IsGrayScale property;
    • Issue 210: Improve NXTBrick.SensorType documentation;
    • Issue 211: Improve NXTBrick.SensorMode documentation;
    • Issue 212: Enable reset motor relative position;
    • Issue 213: Avoid PInvokeStackImbalance errors;
    • Issue 215: Current trunk has build errors;
    • Issue 216: Camera is not working;
    • Issue 218: Undocumented InvalidImagePropertiesException throw;
    • Issue 219: Provice additional (fast) methods to communicate with NXT brick;
    • Issue 222: Add MPEG-2 encoding to Video.FFMPEG.VideoWriter;
    • Issue 223: Marking {Int|Double}Range as Serializable;
    • Issue 226: FFmpeg - write video frames with a specific timestamp;
    • Issue 227: AccessViolationException when PictureBox displaying 16bpc image;
    • Issue 229: 16-bit greyscale/48-bit RGB support in CanvasMove;
    • Issue 230: 16-bit greyscale/48-bit RGB support in RotateNearestNeighbor.cs;
    • Issue 231: Misspelled comment.
  • General
    • Adding AForge.Video.FFMPEG namespaces, which provides classes allowing to read/write video file through FFmpeg library API. The code is experimental so far and is going to be extend. When extended it is supposed to become replacement for AForge.Video.VFW namespace someday.
    • Adding AForge.Video.Kinect namespaces containing classes to get access to Microsoft Xbox Kinect device.
    • Adding AForge.Video.Ximea namespace, which provides access to XIMEA video camera through their native API (m3api.dll)
    • Removing all use cases of lock(this) and replacing them with locking a dummy object.
    • Updated interoping of memcpy() and memset() to use Cdecl calling convention.
    • Avoiding casting of IntPtr.ToPointer() to (int), which causes issues on 64 bit systems. Instead of it is casted to (byte*).
    • Updated "Build All.sln" solution file, so it has "Release" and "Release Complete" configuration. "Release" is aimed for most users who want to build the framework. It will build all except AForge.Robotics.TeRK, which requires installation of ICE framework. "Release Complete" is aimed only for those who build release or do something with TeRK.
  • AForge
    • Adding Point structure, which contains X/Y coordinate of float type. Adding Range structure, which is range between min/max of float type. Changing all AForge.NET framework classes and samples to work with Point/Range instead of DoublePoint/DoubleRange, which are left for some applications requiring higher precision.
    • {Int|Double}Range as well as {Int|Double}Point are marked [Serializable].
    • Added AForge.DeviceBusyException exception, which could be thrown in cases when multiple access to the same device is not allowed.
    • Added AForge.DeviceErrorException exception to report about possible errors in some devices.
  • AForge.Imaging
    • Added TransformToPolar image processing routine which transforms source image to polar coordinates. Produced effect is similar to the one available in GIMP as "Polar Coordinates" distortion filter. The new class provides similar properties as configuration options in GIMP.
    • Added TransformFromPolar which does transformation from polar coordinates to rectangle.
    • Improving performance of EuclideanColorFiltering image processing routine.
    • Added UnmanagedImage.CollectActivePixels() method, which returns list of pixels' coordinates having none black color.
    • Adding UnmanagedImage.SetPixel() and UnmanagedImage.SetPixels() methods, which are nice to have is some case for visualization of some points. SetPixel() sets single pixel, but SetPixels() sets list of pixels.
    • Statistics classes now throw InvalidImagePropertiesException exception if user access invalid histogram - gray histogram for color image or color histograms for grayscale image.
    • Fixed IsGrayscale property for VerticalIntensityStatistics, HorizontalIntensityStatistics and ImageStatistics classes, so it returns correct value.
    • Added OrderedColorDithering image processing routine as described on Wikipedia.
    • Updated ImageStatistics, ImageStatisticsHSL and ImageStatisticsYCbCr classes so they can gather statistics over image area, which can be specified with a mask (8bpp image or byte[,] array).
    • Updating documentation of BlobCounter mentioned that InvalidImagePropertiesException exception can be thrown if provided image is 1 pixel wide only. It should be 2 pixels wide at least.
    • Updated UnmanagedImage.ToManagedImage() method to copy entire image at once if the source and destination strides are equal.
    • Adding UnmanagedImage.ToManagedImage(bool) which allows specifying if user wants to get managed copy of the unmanaged image or just a wrapper which depends on the managed image.
    • Added Bayer filter routine, which creates color image out of grayscale image produced by image sensor built with Bayer color matrix.
    • RotateNearestNeighbor image processing routine is extended to support 16 bpp grayscale images and 48 bpp color images.
    • CanvasMove is extended to support 16 bpp grayscale and 48/64 bpp color images.
  • AForge.Imaging.Formats
    • Updated ImageDecoder.DecodeFromFile() to load load standard image formats (BMP, JPG, PNG, etc.) through memory stream instead of using standard .NET's FromFile( string fileName ) to avoid locking of the file.
  • AForge.Math
    • Adding Vector3 and Vector4 structures which provide some operations on 3D and 4D vectors.
    • Adding Matrix3x3 and Matrix4x4 structures which provide some operations on 3x3 and 4x4 matrices.
    • Adding implementation of POSIT algorithm - 3D pose estimation algorithm described by Daniel DeMenthon and Larry Davis in the "Model-Based Object Pose in 25 Lines of Code".
    • Adding CoplanarPosit algorithm's implementation, which is an algorithm for estimating 3D pose of a model described by coplanar points.
    • Added AForge.Math.Statistics.Mode() method to calculate mode value of the specified histogram array.
    • Added equality and inequality operator for Line and LineSegment classes, as well as Equals() and GetHashCode() methods.
    • Fixing a bug in GrahamConvexHull, which was modifying input list of points. Some unit tests were added for GrahamConvexHull.
    • Fixed Mean(), StdDev() and Entropy() methods of AForge.Math.Statistics, so they don't return NaN when empty histogram (with 0 hits) is provided.
    • Fixing ContinuousHistogram class, so Mean and StdDev equals to zero if empty histogram (with zero hits) is provided.
  • AForge.Video
    • Minor update to AsyncVideoSource class - changing manual reset event to auto reset.
    • Added Proxy property to both JPEGStream and MJPEGStream classes, which allow user to specify proxy server to use.
    • Added support for "application/octet-stream" content type into MJPEGStream class, so it is possible to get access to VLC streaming of web camera, for example (in the case MJPEG transcoding is used in VLC).
    • Setting stream's read time-out to the same value as request's time-out in MJPEGStream and JPEGStream.
    • Report to clients about every exception occurred in JPEGStream and MJPEGStream classes. Only ApplicationException is hidden in MJPEGStream class, which is thrown internally only in one case. All the rest will be sent to user for notification.
    • Added AFore.Video.VideoException exception, which will be used further by some video classes instead of ApplicationException.
    • Improving a bit reaction on thread aborting for JPEGStream and MJPEGStream classes, so they return faster when ThreadAbortException exception is received.
    • Added one extra reason of video finishing, which is ReasonToFinishPlaying.VideoSourceError.
    • Improving frame interval processing if a pause needs to be done between video frames.
  • AForge.Video.DirectShow
    • Updating VideoCapabilities class to provide multiple supported FPS rates for a particular resolution.
    • Adding try/catch blocks around getting IAMStreamConfig interface, which fails on Point Grey cameras. So with this extra guard these cameras should work fine now.
    • Added monitoring for EC_DEVICE_LOST event in VideoCaptureDevice, so it stops video capturing when device is unplugged. User is notified through PlayingFinished event.
    • Updating media event's DirectShow wrapper, so events are correctly detected on 64-bit systems (events like device lost and end of video file).
    • VideoCaptureDevice is extended to support still image snapshots, which can be made using camera's shutter button or by simulating the trigger. The snapshots are provided through the new SnapshotFrame event. Capabilities of snapshots can be checked using SnapshotCapabilities property and desired snapshot size can be set using DesiredSnapshotSize property.
    • When desired video size is set, perform search of complete media type structure and set it as it is configured when enumerating capabilities (fixes thes issue with Microsoft's LifeCam).
    • Added try/catch block around retrieving IAMVideoControl interface, since it seems like some USB camera drivers don't support this interface.
    • Updated signature of memcpy() in AForge.Video.DirectShow so it uses byte* instead of int. Also ToPointer() is used with IntPtr instead of ToInt32(). Should get better on x64 systems now.
  • AForge.Video.VFW
    • Updating exception types thrown by AVIReader and AVIWriter, so they are different for different type of exceptions.
  • AForge.Robotics.Lego
    • Added constructor for NXTBrick.MotorState structure, so it is "easer" to initialize it from user's code.
    • Turned NXT structures into classes and provided properties for them (many of them are read-only since those are supposed to be set by framework, not by user).
    • NXTBrick.SendCommand() is made public, so users may send their own custom messages.
    • Added NXTBrick.MessageRead and NXTBrick.MessageSent events, so a communication listener could be implemented.
    • NXTBrick class is extended with 3 extra method: ReadHiTechnicColorSensor(), ReadHiTechnicCompassSensor() and ReadHiTechnicAccelerationTiltSensor(), which read HiTechnic's color, compass and acceleration sensors.
    • NXTBrick.ResetMotorPosition() method is extended with extra parameter, which allows to reset either relative or absolute motor's position.
    • Updated documentation of NXTBrick.SensorType enumeration.
    • Improved documentation for NXTBrick.SensorMode enumeration.
    • Some improvements for communication with Lego NXT brick, see ticket #219.
    • Added overloads for PlayTone(), SetMotorState(), ResetMotorPosition(), SetSensorMode(), ClearSensor() and LsWrite() methods of NXTBrick class, which can send commands without waiting for reply - faster versions.
  • AForge.Controls
    • VideoSourcePlayer is extended to support cameras providing 16 bpp grayscale or 48/64 bpp color image.
    • Merged HuePicker control from IPLab project into the AForge.NET framework. Some polishing of the class and its documentation was done.
    • Making sure VideoSourcePlayer control gets resized if image from video source changes its size.
    • Fixing VideoSourcePlayer so it does not cause dead lock if user does access to UI using Invoke() in NewFrame event handler (moving NewFrame event firing out of lock block).
    • Making sure that Chart control displays only data which are in the configure x/Y range. Also updating Y range if required when new X range is set.
  • Tools
    • Added check for IPPrototyper's window position stored in configuration file. If window outside of the screen, then use its default location. Window may get outside if the application was used on a system with multiple screens last time and the it is started again when one of the screens got disconnected.
    • Created separate AForge.Imaging.IPPrototyper assembly, which holds interfaces for image processing prototyping and default implementation of IImageProcessingLog interface. Updated IPPrototyper tool and sample application to accommodate these changes.
  • Samples
    • Adding Snapshot Maker sample application, which demonstrates recently added feature for making snapshots using DirectShow device (USB camera).
    • Adding new sample applications, which demonstrate usage of Posit and CoplanarPosit algorithms recently added to AForge.Math.Geometry namespace.
    • Adding Kinect Capture sample application which demonstrates access to MS Xbox Kinect device.
    • Updated NXT sample application to demonstrates MessageSent and MessageRead events provided by NXT brick.
    • Adding sample application demonstrating access to XIMEA camera.
    • Improving FPS counter for "Player" and "Two Camera Test sample" applications.

See release notes of 2.1.5 version to get information about changes in the previous version.