AForge.NET Framework
2.2.5 version is available!

AForge.NET Framework 2.1.5 Release Notes


!! This version has backward incompatibility with the previous version (see details below) !!

Version updates and fixes:

  • Fixed registered issues/requests:
    • Issue 20: Color Reduction functionality;
    • Issue 151: Add support for 32-bits ARGB images in the CornersMarker filter;
    • Issue 152: Slow performance of PermutationChromosome.CreateChildUsingCrossover;
    • Issue 154: PointedColorFloodFill causing Stack Overflow;
    • Issue 155: Deadlock with out-of-order calling of VideoSourcePlayer.WaitForStop and VideoSourcePlayer.SignalToStop;
    • Issue 157: MJPEGStream could handle incorrect boundary values;
    • Issue 158: XML documentation files are not included on default installation;
    • Issue 160: Blob Detection problem with certain aspect ratio rectangles;
    • Issue 166: Find line intersections;
    • Issue 167: Math.Tools.IsPowerOf2 returns true when given 0;
    • Issue 169: Distance and Similarity metrics;
    • Issue 174: More Line construction options;
    • Issue 175: LineSegment.DistanceToPoint and GetIntersectionWith functions;
    • Issue 178: HueModifier does not work with 32bpp images;
    • Issue 181: Bicubic resize kernel is badly implemented;
    • Issue 182: Make PointsCloud accept a wider variety of arguments.
  • AForge
    • Fixing bug in IntRange.IsOverlapping() and DoubleRange.IsOverlapping(), when these methods report "false" (no overlapping) in the case if specified range completely covers and wider than the range of the instance which method is invoked.
    • Added equality and inequality operators for IntPoint and DoublePoint.
  • AForge.Math
    • Added a check for greater than 0 in IsPowerOf2() function. It will return false for everything which is <= 0.
    • Introducing Line class in AForge.Math.Geometry, which is supposed to keep lines' related methods.
    • Adding contributed code, which is about distance and similarity metrics. New classes are placed into AForge.Math.Metrics namespace.
    • Fixing PointsCloud.FindQuadrilateralCorners() so it does not return 4 corners in some cases, where 2 of them are the same.
    • Fixes to PointsCloud.FindQuadrilateralCorners(): 1) Fixing the issue of detecting flat rectangles with high aspect ratio between adjacent sides; 2) Adding PointsCloud.QuadrilateralRelativeDistortionLimit static property, so user could tweak distortion limit if he understands what he does.
    • Changed methods of PointsCloud class to accept IEnumerable<IntPoint> instead of List<IntPoint>. Only Shift() method is changed to accept IList<IntPoint>.
  • AForge.Imaging
    • Adding support for custom blobs' filtering routines, which implement IBlobsFilter interface.
    • Improved automatic calculation of new image's size which is the result of quadrilateral transformation.
    • Image.FormatImage() is marked as deprecated and Image.Clone() should be used instead with specifying desired pixel format.
    • Fixing Convolution image processing filter to copy alpha channel values as they are for 32 bpp images.
    • Added support of 32-bit images to CornersMarker and MoravecCornersDetector.
    • Changing implementation of PointedColorFloodFill to use queue instead of stack, so the image processing routine will not generate stack overflow any more. It is speed is a bit reduced as a result of this, but it may get noticeable only when processing thousands of images (depends on image size of course).
    • Adding FillHoles image processing routine, which allows to fill black holes in white objects in binary images.
    • Added median cut color quantization algorithm. Also added helper ColorImageQuantizer class, which simplifies calculation of reduced color table for images or their re-coloring.
    • Adding color dithering image processing routines, which are placed into AForge.Imaging.ColorReduction namespace.
    • Small improvement in Integral Image calculation for minor calculation speed-up.
    • Adding local thresholding routine described by Derek Bradley and Gerhard Roth in the "Adaptive Thresholding Using the Integral Image" paper (see BradleyLocalThresholding class).
    • Adding ThresholdedDifference and ThresholdedEuclideanDifference, which calculate threshold difference of two images (one class uses Manhattan distance to calculate difference between pixel values, but another class uses Euclidean distance).
    • Changing bicubic kernel for resize and rotation image processing routines to the one described on Wikipedia (coefficient "a" is set to -0.5).
    • !! Backward compatibility breaking change !! Changing type of Blob.Image from Bitmap to UnmanagedImage, since in most cases extracting of blob's image is required for its further processing, but not just for displaying (.NET's Bitmap type does not make any sense doing image processing).
    • Fixed HueModifier image processing routine to process correctly 32 bpp images (using correct pixel size value).
  • AForge.Video
    • Updating MJPEGStream video source class to remove double quotes from start/end of boundary, which can be added by some IP cameras.
    • Adding AsyncVideoSource, which is a proxy video source for asynchronous processing of another nested video source.
    • Improving boundary parsing in MJPEGStream video source class, so it accepts more cameras which tend to have their own specifics in MJPEG stream.
  • AForge.Video.DirectShow
    • Fixed bug in disposing of DirectShow AMMediaType structure. The bug was introduced in 2.1.4 version.
  • AForge.Genetic
    • Modified PermutationChromosome.CreateChildUsingCrossover() to use arrays for fast lookup of genes' indexes in parents' chromosomes.
  • AForge.Controls
    • Added check for cross-thread access to most methods/properties (those which are not allowed to be accessed from another thread) of VideoSourcePlayer class. Lock is still kept in some methods/properties, which access video frame (this must be protected anyway).
  • IPPrototyper
    • Adding AutoSize size mode for picture box, which is nice to have when processing big images, which may need scrolling.
    • Recent folders list size is increased to 7.

See release notes of 2.1.4 version to get information about changes in the previous version.