AForge.NET Framework
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AForge.NET Framework 2.1.2 Release Notes


Version updates and fixes:

  • Fixed registered issues/requests:
    • Issue 58: Image Warping;
    • Issue 122: NOT operator in Fuzzy Library;
    • Issue 125: DisplayPropertyPage() method brings up locked properties panel;
    • Issue 126: Documentation to BlobCounterBase Class;
    • Issue 127: DirectShow video player cannot play .wmv;
    • Issue 128: COM objects not freed in DirectShow player;
    • Issue 129: GaussianGenerator constructor ignores the seed value.
  • AForge
    • Adding addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operators between IntPoint/DoublePoint and scalar values.
    • Added operator for explicit casting of DoublePoint to IntPoint.
    • Added operator for implicit casting of IntPoint to DoublePoint, so integer points could be used in operations with double precision points.
  • AForge.Imaging
    • Fixed a rounding bug in Hough Line Transformation, causing unnecessary doubling of the Hough transformation values near zero radius.
    • HoughCircleTransformation is update to return zero length array of circles instead of null in the case if no circles detected.
    • Added BlobCounterBase.GetBlobsEdgePoints() method, which return unsorted list of blob's edge points. Produces similar result as GetBlobsLeftAndRightEdges() combined with GetBlobsTopAndBottomEdges(), but each point occurs only once in the list. The method is useful for shape analyzers, convex hull routines, etc.
    • Adding WaterWave filter - image processing filter implementing simple water wave effect.
    • Added ImageWarp image processing filter, which sets pixels in destination image to values from source image taken with specified offset.
    • Added two more properties into Blob class, which are calculated by BlobCounterBase automatically - mean and standard deviation of blob's color.
  • AForge.Math
    • Add PointsCloud.GetBoundingRectangle() method to search for minimum/maximum X/Y coordinates in the specified list of points.
    • Update constructor of GaussianGenerator to pass specified seed to StandardGenerator, which was previously ignored.
    • Fixed bug in ContinuousHistogram class, which was causing wrong calculation of mean and values after calling Update() method.
    • Optimizing calculation of standard deviation by doing single pass through histogram array instead of two as it was before.
  • AForge.Fuzzy
    • "NOT" operator is implemented for fuzzy rules.
  • AForge.Controls
    • Removing generation of exception in the case if user tries to change video source for VideoSourcePlayer control without stopping currently played. User may want to control video starting and stopping on his own, so control should not add any restrictions regarding this.
    • Adding ManipulatorColor to AForge.Controls namespace, so it is no longer required to duplicate sources in every robotics sample or other projects.
    • Adding SliderControl control, which allows dragging manipulator in [-1, 1] range.
    • Adding Joystick class, which represents a simple wrapper around Win32 joystick API.
  • AForge.Video
    • Fixing MJPEGStream to skip clients' notification, if the video source was requested to stop.
    • Adding support for AirLink IP cameras, which are not very accurate with HTTP standard (fix contributed by Ivan Farkas).
  • AForge.Video.DirectShow
    • Fixing some memory leaks (COM objects) in AForge.Video.DirectShow.
    • Changing the way of displaying camera's property: 1) If VideoCaptureDevice is already running, then request for property page displaying is passed to worker thread; 2) Otherwise local temporary source object is created to display property page.
    • Using IGraphBuilder.AddSourceFilter( fileName, ... ) method for adding source filter for playing video files instead of creating AsyncReader manually and adding it to the graph. The fix allows playing such video files like WMV, which did not play before with FileVideoSource.
  • AForge.Robotics.Surveyor
    • Fixing bug in SVS.Disconnect() method - wrong object was accessed for aborting right camera.
    • Adding check to make sure stopEvent is not null, which may happen when tread is aborted (solves rare NullReferenceException, which may happen on disconnecting from SRV-1).

See release notes of 2.1.1 version to get information about changes in the previous version.