AForge.NET Framework
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AForge.NET Framework 2.1.0 Release Notes


Version updates and fixes:

  • Fixed registered issues/requests:
    • Issue 106: DisplayPropertyPage problem - Filter can't create twice;
    • Issue 113: DisplayPropertyPage in directshow in vista/Windows 7 fails.
  • General
    • Added new AForge.Robotics.Surveyor namespace containing classes to manipulate Surveyor's SRV-1 Blackfin robot and SVS (Stereo Vision System) board.
    • Added new AForge.Math.Geometry namespace containing some geometry related.
  • AForge
    • Adding IntPoint structure as alternative to .NET's System.Drawing.Point. DoublePoint is updated to be similar to IntPoint.
  • AForge.Imaging
    • Added StereoAnaglyph image processing filter to create anaglyph images from 2 images of the same scene taken from a bit different points.
    • Adding Drawing.Polygon() and Drawing.Polyline() for drawing polygons and polylines on unmanaged images.
    • Added BlobPosition property to ExtractBiggestBlob filter, which tells position of the extracted blob.
    • Added QuadrilateralFinder class to search for corners of quadrilateral area in the specified image.
    • Added QuadrilateralTransformationNearestNeighbor and QuadrilateralTransformationBilinear classes, which perform quadrilateral area transformation to rectangular.
    • BlobCounterBase class is extended with GetBlobsLeftAndRightEdges() and GetBlobsTopAndBottomEdges() methods, which provide edge points of a blob. These routines are very useful with new AForge.Math.Geometry routines, which allow finding convex hull and quadrilateral corners.
    • BlobCounter and RecursiveBlobCounter are updated to be able to process color images as well (24 and 32 bpp).
    • BlobsFiltering, ExtractBiggestBlob and ConnectedComponentsLabeling classes were updated to support color images.
    • Added new properties for Blob class: Area, Fullness, CenterOfGravity.
    • BlobCounterBase is updated to provide sorting by Area.
  • AForge.Math.Geometry
    • Added PointsCloud tool class, which includes set of method to work with collection of points ("clouds"). These methods include: getting furthest point from a reference point; getting furthest point from specified line; finding quadrilateral corners for the specified set of points.
    • Added Graham scan algorithm for searching convex hull of the specfied set of points.
  • AForge.Robotics.Surveyor
    • Added SRV1 class - allows to manipulate Surveyor's SRV-1 Blackfin robot.
    • Added SVS class - allows to manipulate Surveyor's SVS bard.
    • Added SRV1Camera class - allows to get continuous video feeds from SRV-1 and SVS robots.
  • AForge.Video
    • Added possibility to configure HTTP User Agent for MJPEG requests. By default it is set to "Mozilla/5.0".
  • AForge.Video.DirectShow
    • In the case if camera's driver does not allow several copies of video source object, we pass the request for displaying property page to background thread, which deals with video capture. Otherwise we create second source object and use it as before. (fixing 106 and 113)
  • AForge.NET Framework's samples
    • Added SVS Test sample application, which allows to get video from Surveyor's SVS board, show stereo anaglyphs for it and drive the robot.
    • Added SRV-1 Test sample application, which allows to get robot's video and drive it.
    • Added Blobs Explorer sample application, which demonstrates the process of finding separate blobs, getting their properties, convex hull, etc.
    • Fixed build issue of TSP sample demonstrating Genetic Algorithms.

See release notes of 2.0.1 version to get information about changes in the previous version.