AForge.NET Framework
2.2.5 version is available!

AForge.NET Framework 2.0.1 Release Notes


Version updates and fixes:

  • Fixed registered issues/requests:
    • Issue 56: Changing activation functions;
    • Issue 97: Request: Missing an event for when clip is done running;
    • Issue 109: Comments for Hough line transform;
    • Issue 110: GetMostIntensiveLines(count) returns null;
    • Issue 112: Provide binaries as a .zip file.
  • AForge
    • Added zero initialization of allocated unmanaged images, since Marshal.AllocHGlobal() does not care about it.
    • Moving exceptions, which are related to connections to device, from AForge.Robotics.TeRK to AForge namespace, so they could be reused in other namespaces as well.
  • AForge.Imaging
    • Fixed UnmanagedImage.FromManagedImage() method - it was allocating unmanaged image, but was not copying managed image to it.
    • Added documentation to UnmanagedImage to clarify its purpose.
    • Bug fix in SimplePosterization image processing filter.
    • Added black rectangle drawing in CannyEdgeDetector to remove unprocessed pixels. This is required in the case if the filter is applied in-place.
    • Created set of predefined common grayscaling algorithms, which are available as read only instances of Grayscale class. These predefined instances are available in Grayscale.CommonAlgorithms class. Old classes like GrayscaleBT709, GrayscaleRMY, GrayscaleY are marked as obsolete.
    • Both GetMostIntensiveLines() and GetLinesByRelativeIntensity() methods in HoughLineTransformation class were updated to return array of zero length instead of null in the case when there are no lines to return.
    • Updated documentation to HoughLineTransformation and HoughLine clarifying different aspects of Hough Line transformation. Provided sample code to highlight detected lines. Provided sample image with annotation to clarify meaning of Theta and Radius values of detected Hough lines.
  • AForge.Imaging.Formats
    • Added registration of PPM extension as valid image in PNM format.
    • Added sample images for testing of AForge.Imaging.Formats namespace.
  • AForge.Neuro
    • Added ability to change activation function of neuron/layer/network.
  • AForge.Robotics.Lego
  • AForge.Robotics.TeRK
    • Added 2500 ms connection timeout to Qwerk classes. QwerkStart sample update to handle lost connection.
  • AForge.Video
    • Added PlayingFinished event to IVideoSource interface. The event is fired in the case video stops by reaching end of video stream or by canceling by user.
  • AForge.Video.DirectShow
    • Added VideoCapabilities property to VideoCaptureDevice class, which can be used to resolve supported frame sizes and maximum frame rates.
  • AForge.Vision
    • MillisecondsPerBackgroundUpdate property is introduced in SimpleBackgroundModelingDetector, which allows to control background update on the base of time intervals, but not on the base of frames' counter. This allows to control background update in the way, which is not affected by variable frame rates. Also the method better handles those case, when video source has very low frame rate (where FramesPerBackgroundUpdate would not perform very well causing very long time to update background).
  • AForge.NET Framework's samples
    • Fixing FilterDemo application - added grayscaling before edge detectors (all edge detectors require grayscaling).

See release notes of 2.0.0 version to get information about changes in the previous version.