AForge.NET Framework
2.2.5 version is available!

AForge.NET Framework 2.0.0 BETA Release Notes


Version updates and fixes:

  • Fixed registered issues/requests:
    • Issue 7: New population shuffling;
    • Issue 34: Suport of 32 bpp imag;
    • Issue 35: Apply filters to raw image in unmanaged memory;
    • Issue 42: Support of 16 bpp grayscale images;
    • Issue 43: Support of 48 and 64 bpp color images;
    • Issue 71: Flood Fill Algorithms in C#;
    • Issue 84: AccessViolitionException in ReplaceChannel.ProcessFilter.
  • General
    • Added new AForge.Fuzzy namespace containing classes for building fuzzy systems (many thanks to Fabio Caversan, who is the main contributor to it).
    • Added new AForge.Imaging.Formats namespace containing some classes to decode different specialized image formats, like PNM, FITS.
    • Added new AForge.Robotis.TeRK namespace containing classes to manipulate Qwerk - Linux board aimed for building robots.
  • AForge
    • Parallel class is added providing Parallel.For() method aimed for paralleling computations across all cores in the system.
  • AForge.Math
    • Complex structure is extended with set of new methods providing wider range of operations with complex numbers.
  • AForge.Imaging
    • Added new set of base classes for image processing filters. These classes are more flexible in support of different image formats and also provide runtime information about filters - which formats are supported by image processing filter and which format will be generated for result image.
    • Introduced support of unmanaged images - images, which are don't have relation with Bitmap and BitmapData classes from .NET. Unmanaged images are just pixel data in unmanaged memory.
    • Some image processing routines introduced support of 16 bpp grayscale image, 32 bpp color images, 48 and 64 bpp color image. See documentation for particular routine to check supported image formats.
    • DocumentSkewChecker is added, which is aimed for checking rotation angle of scanned documents.
    • BlobCounterBase class now supports extracting of blobs' images, which size equals to source image size (this is configurable, so user may specify size of blobs' images).
    • Added PointedColorFloodFill, which fills image starting from the specified point with solid color. The filter supports tolerance, which allows filling areas with similar color.
    • Added PointedMeanFloodFill, which fills image starting from the specified point with mean value of the filled area. Size of the area to fill depends on specified tolerance.
    • Added optimized versions of Erosion and Dilatation filters, which are aimed for image processing with 3x3 structuring element and are optimized for certain image formats: BinaryDilatation3x3, BinaryErosion3x3, Dilatation3x3, Erosion3x3.
  • AForge.Controls
    • Added PictureBox control, which is derived from .NET's control, but supports displaying of 16 bpp grayscale image and 48/64 color images, which are not handled by .NET routines.
    • Added VideoSourcePlayer control, which allows playing video feeds provided by classes implementing AForge.Video.IVideoSource inerface.
    • Added ColorSlider control, which is aimed for selection of RGB color value and ranges.
  • AForge.Genetic
    • Added support for migration between genetic populations. User may run several population in deferent threads for example and perform members' migration from time to time. See Population.Migrate() method.
    • DoubleArrayChromosome class is extended with more advanced crossover and mutation operators (see docs for details).
  • AForge.Neuro
  • AForge.NET Framework's samples
    • Added ParallelTest sample application, which demonstrates usage of AForge.Parallel.For().
    • Added Fuzze Set Sample and FuzzyAGV sample applications, which demonstrate usage of new AForge.Fuzzy namespace.
    • Added ImageViewer sample application, which demostrates usage of new AForge.Imaging.Formats namespace.
    • Added QwerkStart sample application, which demonstrates basics of using new AForge.Robotics.TeRK namespace and performs basic manipulations of Qwerk.
    • Added Player sample, which demonstrates usage of AForge.Video.* namespaces for playing different video source.
    • Added Two Cameras Test sample application, which demonstrates how to open two web cameras simultaneously. Also may serve as useful utility of testing two cameras from the same manufacturer (some cameras do not support dual setup, so it is nice to have something to test that quickly).
  • and just many smaller updates in this version ...