The class provides access to XIMEA cameras.

Namespace:  AForge.Video.Ximea
Assembly:  AForge.Video.Ximea (in AForge.Video.Ximea.dll) Version: (


public class XimeaCamera


The class allows to perform image acquisition from XIMEA cameras. It wraps XIMEA'a xiAPI, which means that users of this class will also require m3api.dll and a correct TM file for the camera model connected to the system (both are provided with XIMEA API software package).

Sample usage:

XimeaCamera camera = new XimeaCamera( );

// open camera and start data acquisition
camera.Open( 0 );
camera.StartAcquisition( );

// set exposure time to 10 milliseconds
camera.SetParam( CameraParameter.Exposure, 10 * 1000 );

// get image from the camera
Bitmap bitmap = camera.GetImage( );
// process the image
// ...

// dispose the image when it is no longer needed
bitmap.Dispose( );

// stop data acquisition and close the camera
camera.StopAcquisition( );
camera.Close( );

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