Manipulation of Qwerk robotics board.

Namespace:  AForge.Robotics.TeRK
Assembly:  AForge.Robotics.TeRK (in AForge.Robotics.TeRK.dll) Version: (


[ObsoleteAttribute("The class is deprecated.")]
public class Qwerk


The class allows to manipulate with Qwerk robotics board developed by Charmed Labs and supported by TeRK project. Using this class it is possible to get access to different Qwerk's services, like digital inputs and outputs, motors and servos, analog inputs, on-board LEDs, video camera, etc.

Note:Since TeRK project, which is the software core of Qwerk board, is based on Internet Communication Engine (ICE), the ICE runtime should be installed in order to use Qwerk classes.

Note:The class is deprecated.

Sample usage:

Qwerk qwerk = new Qwerk( );
// connect to Qwerk
qwerk.Connect( "" );
// turn off all on-board LEDs
qwerk.GetLedsService( ).SetLedsState( Qwerk.LedState.Off );
// get digital output service
Qwerk.DigitalOut outputs = qwerk.GetDigitalOutService( );
// set all digital outputs to disabled state
outputs.SetOutputs( false );
// enable zero output
outputs.SetOutput( 0, true );
// get state of all analog inputs
short[] inputs = qwerk.GetAnalogInService( ).GetInputs( );
// get state of all digital inputs
bool[] inputs = qwerk.GetDigitalInService( ).GetInputs( );

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