Picture box control for displaying an image.

Namespace:  AForge.Controls
Assembly:  AForge.Controls (in AForge.Controls.dll) Version: (


public class PictureBox : PictureBox


This control is inherited from System.Windows.Forms.PictureBox and is aimed to resolve one of its issues - inability to display images with high color depth, like 16 bpp grayscale, 48 bpp and 64 bpp color images. .NET framework does not handle 16 bpp grayscale images at all, throwing exception when user tries to display them. Color images with 48 bpp and 64 bpp are "kind of" supported, but only maximum of 13 bits for each color plane are allowed. Therefore this control is created, which allows to display as 16 bpp grayscale images, as 48 bpp and 64 bpp color images.

Note:To display high color depth images, the control does internal conversion of them to lower color depth images - 8 bpp grayscale, 24 bpp and 32 bpp color images respectively. In the case source image already has low color depth, it is displayed without any conversions.

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