Manipulation of Surveyor SVS (Stereo Vision System) board.

Namespace:  AForge.Robotics.Surveyor
Assembly:  AForge.Robotics.Surveyor (in AForge.Robotics.Surveyor.dll) Version: (


public class SVS


The class allows to manipulate with Surveyor SVS board (stereo vision system) - getting video from both cameras, manipulating motors and servos, reading ultrasonic modules' values, sending direct commands, etc.

This class essentially creates to instances of SRV1 class to communicate with both SVS's cameras (ports 10001 and 10002 are used) and directs all calls through them.

Sample usage:

SVS svs = new SVS( );
// connect to SVS board
svs.Connect( "" );
// stop motors
svs.StopMotors( );
// set video resolution and quality
svs.SetQuality( 7 );
svs.SetResolution( SRV1.VideoResolution.Small );
// get version string
string version = svs.GetVersion( );

// get left camera
SRV1Camera camera = svs.GetCamera( SVS.Camera.Left );

// set NewFrame event handler
camera.NewFrame += new NewFrameEventHandler( video_NewFrame );
// start the video source
camera.Start( );
// ...

private void video_NewFrame( object sender, NewFrameEventArgs eventArgs )
    // get new frame
    Bitmap bitmap = eventArgs.Frame;
    // process the frame

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