ExtractBiggestBlob Class
Extract the biggest blob from image.

Namespace:  AForge.Imaging.Filters
Assembly:  AForge.Imaging (in AForge.Imaging.dll) Version: (


public class ExtractBiggestBlob : IFilter, 


The filter locates the biggest blob in the source image and extracts it. The filter also can use the source image for the biggest blob's location only, but extract it from another image, which is set using OriginalImage property. The original image usually is the source of the processed image.

The filter accepts 8 bpp grayscale images and 24/32 color images for processing as source image passed to Apply(Bitmap) method and also for the OriginalImage.

Sample usage:

// create filter
ExtractBiggestBlob filter = new ExtractBiggestBlob( );
// apply the filter
Bitmap biggestBlobsImage = filter.Apply( image );

Initial image:

Result image:

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