FITS image format decoder.

Namespace:  AForge.Imaging.Formats
Assembly:  AForge.Imaging.Formats (in AForge.Imaging.Formats.dll) Version: (


public class FITSCodec : IImageDecoder


The FITS (an acronym derived from "Flexible Image Transport System") format is an astronomical image and table format created and supported by NASA. FITS is the most commonly used in astronomy and is designed specifically for scientific data. Different astronomical organizations keep their images acquired using telescopes and other equipment in FITS format.

Note:The class extracts image frames only from the main data section of FITS file. 2D (single frame) and 3D (series of frames) data structures are supported.

Note:During image reading/parsing, its data are scaled using minimum and maximum values of the source image data. FITS tags are not used for this purpose - data are scaled from the [min, max] range found to the range of supported image format ([0, 255] for 8 bpp grayscale or [0, 65535] for 16 bpp grayscale image).

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