Exhaustive template matching.

Namespace:  AForge.Imaging
Assembly:  AForge.Imaging (in AForge.Imaging.dll) Version: (


public class ExhaustiveTemplateMatching : ITemplateMatching


The class implements exhaustive template matching algorithm, which performs complete scan of source image, comparing each pixel with corresponding pixel of template.

The class processes only grayscale 8 bpp and color 24 bpp images.

Sample usage:

// create template matching algorithm's instance
ExhaustiveTemplateMatching tm = new ExhaustiveTemplateMatching( 0.9f );
// find all matchings with specified above similarity
TemplateMatch[] matchings = tm.ProcessImage( sourceImage, templateImage );
// highlight found matchings
BitmapData data = sourceImage.LockBits(
    new Rectangle( 0, 0, sourceImage.Width, sourceImage.Height ),
    ImageLockMode.ReadWrite, sourceImage.PixelFormat );
foreach ( TemplateMatch m in matchings )
    Drawing.Rectangle( data, m.Rectangle, Color.White );
    // do something else with matching
sourceImage.UnlockBits( data );

The class also can be used to get similarity level between two image of the same size, which can be useful to get information about how different/similar are images:

// create template matching algorithm's instance
// use zero similarity to make sure algorithm will provide anything
ExhaustiveTemplateMatching tm = new ExhaustiveTemplateMatching( 0 );
// compare two images
TemplateMatch[] matchings = tm.ProcessImage( image1, image2 );
// check similarity level
if ( matchings[0].Similarity > 0.95f )
    // do something with quite similar images

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