Submitting an Article on AForge.NET

The AForge.NET website is open for articles submitting, which discuss different topics from Computer Vision, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence areas. Authors are very welcome to share their ideas, experience, hobby projects, applications, etc. with community and discuss it on the AForge.NET forums.

What to publish

Acceptable article topics: Computer Vision, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy sets, machine learning, etc., etc.).

Programming languages: no limitations (however articles describing applications of AForge.NET framework are very welcome).

Article's language: English only.

Article size and quality: the topic of the article should be well covered, which usually assumes introduction, article's body, conclusion, etc. Code samples are welcome (but too long code snippets are not welcome - article is not a code copy-paste, code just should help clarifying idea). Images are welcome (images greater than 640x480 pixels are not accepted; image only articles are not accepted). In the case if article refers to an application, its binaries and sources should be available. An article is represented by a single HTML file (index.html), set of image files (optional) and ZIP archives (optional) keeping application's sources/binaries.

Remember: better quality of an article speed ups it's publishing on AForge.NET website. Short articles like "Here is a cool code! Use it!" are not welcome.


Article's (and all attached materials') copyright belongs to author unless there is special note put by author. Nobody else (as well as AForge.NET website) can not use an article in any kind of redistribution/republishing without author's approval. All source codes attached to an article are assumed to be GPL v3 licensed unless another license is specified by article's author.

How to publish

All article's files should be put into single ZIP archive and sent to the article.submit [at] aforgenet {dot} com e-mail for submitting. Please, refer to the template HTML page in order to preapre an article correctly.

Note: AForge.NET keeps the right of not publishing an article in the case if it does not cover an acceptable topic, poor quality or badly written content. In any case author will be contacted and notified about status of an article.